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Picture A world where you can’t eat your favourite baked goods. That means no more brownies, no more cakes and no more tarts. What a cruel life that would be. For many Coeliac sufferers, this is their reality. It’s time for a change. At Clare’s Cakery, we pride ourselves on creating the most delicious baked goods, both sweet and savoury, all completely Gluten Free! Now everyone can indulge in the rich, tasty goodness, without suffering any Coeliac flare ups. Browse our range and see if you find the right one for you!

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Made With Real Love

My Mum and I are both cake aficionados – we like nothing better than a nice cup of tea and a generous slice of cake. We like cooking cakes, thinking about cakes, dreaming about cakes but most especially eating cakes!

Having both been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease we felt that the days of enjoying a piece of delicious, light, moist cake were over. So I decided to develop a range of goodies so that other cake starved coeliac don’t have to miss out! All our products are gluten free but more importantly are so yummy that even ‘normal’ people will enjoy them (they will never even guess that they are gluten free!!!).

Delicious Food, Simple Mission

The philosophy behind our company is simple. We make delicious cakes and goodies that can be enjoyed by all but that happen to be gluten free – meaning that cake starved Coeliacs need no longer be disappointed!

We don’t use nasty additives to preserve our products and always choose ingredients that are naturally gluten free. We try to use produce in season wherever possible and only ever use free range eggs in our recipes. Our kitchens are not used to prepare or cook any food that contains gluten so there is no risk of cross contamination.

We take all of the classic baked goods that you know and love…
We take out the gluten and other ingredients that may upset your tummy…
We add a our secret recipe, perfected over 15 years…
To produce the most delicious baked goods you’ll ever taste!

No More Stress

Every single product we sell is Gluten Free. This means you can still eat all or your favourites, without the stress of worrying how it will effect your body.

Made With Love

Our recipes have been perfected over 15 years, made from a mother and daughter with a serious passion for baking. Every single item is made with the same love that went into the very first brownie.

Contamination Free

Our kitchen is isolated and cleaned thoroughly to avoid any contamination of gluten. As a Coeliac sufferer myself, this is a very important part of my life, and I make sure all of my products are safe for Coeliac sufferers.